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  • New heirloom quilted fairy wings

    Little Heirlooms

    Quilted heirloom angel fairy wings
  • French inspired organic cotton nighties for girls

    Little Vintage Sleepwear

    A collection of french inspired organic cotton night dresses for girls
  • Shop Bonne Mere new starry nights angel wings

    Play time

    Sweet quilted keepsakes and heirlooms to treasure
  • Cosy Bath Towel

    Quilted Toddler and Baby Bath towels
  • Powder pink Cot quilt and baby blanket

    Baby Cot Quilts

    Play mat from birth and blanket for cot or crib
  • Nursery essentials for baby girls and baby boys

    Newborn essentials

    Timeless little heirlooms to love, play, dream and grow.
  • Bath Time

    Quilted Baby and Toddler Bath towels
  • Beautiful nordic style cot bedding

    sweet sippy print

    Inspired from the magical sippy character in the sippy and sunny books.
  • Little girls pretty white bedding in nordic room

    Kids bedding

    Classic and timeless bedding for your Children rooms.
  • Cute embroidered cotton clothing for girls

    Kids Clothing

    Beautiful timeless fashion for girls up to 10 years

Baby Essentials

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