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Bonjour, I am Nicole the founder and creator of the Bonne Mere children's brand. We would love to share our journey so far………

Bonne Mere meaning ‘Good Mother’ is a boutique designer brand who creates classic, timeless homeware and clothing for babies and children aged up to 10 years.

Established in Sydney Australia in 2014, Nicole Mair an Australian born designer was inspired to cultivate the values of a 'Good Mother' and to create classic, timeless bedding, nightwear, nursery accessories and clothing based on exceptional quality, design and value. 

In 2014 I reached a pivotal point in my career, my daughter was starting school and I was craving a better work-life balance and wanted to prioritise family time.
Bonne Mere has enabled me to continue my passion to create, given me flexibility and the opportunity to spend more time with my daughter and to watch her grow.

The inspiration for the name Bonne Mere originated from the statue of a mother holding a baby "La Bonne Mère" located on the bell tower of the famous basilica of Notre Dame de la Garde in Marseille. This name resonated with me and the beautiful statue inspired Bonne Mere to cultivate the values of a 'Good Mother', to celebrate becoming a mother and to create a feeling of fun, love, beauty and grace in all products we design.

Bonne Mere focus on timeless design and offering heirloom products to be handed down and appreciated for generations to come. We follow the concept of slow fashion to encourage a sustainable lifestyle and conscious long-term choices. We believe it is important both ecologically and value-wise for products to withstand the test of time and to still be stylish long after the season is over. Our designs combine classic European tradition with contemporary design and the colours embrace subtle and soft tones to help create a calming and harmonious environment for babies and children to love, play, dream and grow. 

Bonne Mere is designed by Nicole in a studio in the central hub of Hong Kong. We work hand in hand with certified, small family run factories world wide and a happy community of women, mothers and grandmothers who are so passionate about their hand-crafted products. Our overall design and production ethos is sustainability, using ecofriendly practices, sustainable materials and ethical production processes. We are committed to building strong personal relationships with our factory owners to ensure the factory's integrity and we are very proud to create economic opportunities for people, especially supporting women in their local communities.

We are devoted to helping new mothers decorate and create beautiful cosy and safe nursery environments and to be a part of your amazing family memories!

Sweet Dreams Little Bonne Mere People!

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